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Contact Improvisation workshop with Karl Frost on 8-10 Nov 2019

In the classic dance of contact improvisation, we explore the unique possibilities of two mechanically interdependent bodies moving together through space. There is the roller coaster ride of tumbling and flying together with a mix of intention and openness to the unknown. There is the pleasure of feeling the body in motion, feeling support, enjoying mutual compression. We feel, we move, we play with curiosity.

To get to this place of mechanical interdependence, we explore weight sharing, use and feeling of structure, supporting and seeking support, lifting and being lifted, directed falling together through space. We explore a more 3-dimensional sense of self with inversion, moving in and out of the floor, and feeling through the back space.

To get to this place of feeling, we slow down, dropping the nervous, hyperactive sense of needing to “do something” so we can perceive in a relaxed way what is already happening.

The workshop will be a mix of technical exercises, specific movement patterns, and open-ended exploration.

Days and times

Friday 8th Nov, 7pm-10pm
Saturday 9th Nov, 12pm-6pm
Sunday 10th Nov, 1pm-7pm


VEDANZA STUDIOS, 18 Rue Louvigny, L-1946 Luxembourg-ville


Full fee: 120€
Early birds (until 22nd Oct): 100€
Concessions*: 100€

*for full time university students / ADEM jobseekers / independent artists / CI Luxembourg

Subscribe to both workshops at once (Karl Frost 8-10th Nov and Gabi Koch 7-8 Dec)
Full fee (2 workshops): 200€
Early birds (until 22nd Oct): 175€
Concessions*: students, artists and people of CI Luxembourg community 175€*
*for full time university students / ADEM jobseekers / independent artists / CI Luxembourg
To register, please, send an email to and pay the registration fee mentioning “your name + workshop with Karl Frost” to
IBAN: LU07 0023 1840 7202 8200
For more info please send an email to
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