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The famous tale of Melusina is retold as a traditional British pantomime, a musical comedy for all the family. This is a fun spectacle with songs, dance, silly jokes and a whole cast of colourful characters to take you through the story of Luxembourg’s favourite mermaid. 

Melusina is a half-human half-water spirit, who starts life under a mysterious curse that gives her a fishtail once a week. She falls in love with the nobleman Count Siggy, but the curse catches up with her and she vanishes into the dark. The Count and friends have to find her, and the search takes in many characters — good and bad spirits, villains from foreign lands, witches and ghosts as well as a troupe of female builders, willing but foolish little yellow helpers, and other odd sorts. Will they find Melusina? And even if they do, will they be able to solve the riddle and rescue her?

Pantomime in Britain is a much-loved form of musical theatre show designed as entertainment for both adults and children alike. There are certain traditions the Brits always follow (and the multi-national cast of Pirate Productions also will), but you don’t need to know anything about them to enjoy yourself.